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Back to Work & Pumping

Back to Work & Pumping

Are you heading back into the office? For many of us that means that we will be pumping more often. Let's talk quickly about how to make pumping an enjoyable experience and what you can do to have a successful pumping experience. 

1. Get comfy!

The more comfortable you are the easier it is to achieve a let down. I do a lot of deep breathing, closing my eyes to concentrate, and imagining my kiddo. I also like to play some soft music or listen to my favorite jam. I know this sounds obvious, but make sure the flanges fit your breasts and nipples. The correct size is super helpful and will make the pumping more enjoyable.

2. Get in the ZONE, the pumping ZONE.

Sorry the autozone reference was too good to pass up. Leaning forward and gently massaging the breasts or running my finger tips along my breasts and nipples prior to pumping helps the whole process go a lot smoother. 

3. Plan your outfit for easy pumping access

Rumina's Pump and Nurse bra is super comfortable and comes in both bra and camisole options. This is a great way to be hands free while pumping. It supports the pump so that you don't feel like it's hanging off you. One of our other favorite options is the Clip and Pump which offers support and hands free pumping for any nursing bra you might already have. 

We also carry a lot of postpartum friendly nursing shirts that work great for pumping. Check out this shirt from MamaWear Nursing Apparel. Their whole line up is perfect for work and pumping. 

4. Heat helps

Warm washcloths, heat pads or your hands are all helpful for your letdown and milk production

5. Make sure you're eating and drinking water

Dehydration is one of the fastest ways to eliminate supply. Make sure you stay hydrated! Especially during the summer or if you choose to pump in your car. Grab yourself a snack while you're at it!

Lastly, a nice nipple cream before and after can really help to prevent chapped nipples!

What tips and tricks do you have for pumping at work? 

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