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Breastfeeding - My Story

Breastfeeding - My Story

While breastfeeding may be natural, it sure didn't come naturally for me. When Sky was born, I figured it would be so easy to breastfeed. In reality, I had a nurse in my room at 2 am because I was so panicked about her not being able to feed. The nurse helped me with positions for feeding and eventually brought out a nipple shield to help since my nipples were pretty flat at that time. Worry not friends, after three years of nursing, they are no longer flat. 

These first few weeks were rocky and I visited the lactation consultant at the hospital as well as taking advantage of their groups with lactation consultants. As Sky grew, my comfort with breastfeeding grew as well. However, that didn't mean that I no longer had questions. Breastfeeding changes as babies age and with that comes different questions and needs. How much should babies be breastfeeding when they are 6 months and eating food? 
This is why I believe it's important to have access to lactation specialists. When I opened the boutique in 2018, one of my goals was to have a lactation specialist on staff to help answer questions and support women. Nursing a baby isn't always easy and I've found that the more support there is, the more often women reach their breastfeeding goals. Your breastfeeding goals are determined by you and there is no right or wrong goal. If your goal is to breastfeed only in the hospital or to breastfeed for at least a year, we want to help you. This is why we offer free 30-minute touch bases with Jeannine. Jeannine Kitzerow is a Registered Nurse (RN) and Certified Lactation Specialist. If you need more time or something more in-depth, we offer different lengths so you can decide what works best for you. You can see the different options on our consultation page.  
So whatever your feeding goals are, we want to help you achieve them. So schedule a time to chat with Jeannine either virtually or in-person if you are near Milwaukee. 

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