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Buying a Bra

Buying a Bra

A few weeks ago, I started a series on Buying a Bra for Maternity and Postpartum because there are so many options, it starts to get overwhelming. Since then I've highlighted sleep bras and sports bras. This week I'll chat about your general, everyday bra and next week, we can dive into pumping bras. 

When we chat about general bras, I'll break this into two categories: lined and unlined. Both are excellent styles, it just depends on your preferences. Lined bras typically have a light cup in them (usually removable and movable) and provide a more no-show feeling. Unlined bras are usually a little lighter in weight fabric and do not have a light cup. Unlined styles will provide a more natural breast shape. I always suggest nursing pads for Mommas in the first few weeks after birth just to catch any leakage. 
In the lined category, I love the Body Silk Nursing Bra. It's lightly lined and molds well to the body. It's delightful in pregnancy as the band is flexible and will move around the growing bump. These are excellent for maternity and postpartum as the alpha (small, medium, etc) sizing allows your breasts to change without popping out or becoming uncomfortable. The Body Silk bra comes in three variations:  Body Silk Nursing Bra, Body Silk Full Cup Nursing Bra, and a racerback style called Body Silk Seamless Rhythm Nursing Bra.
For those who prefer a traditional underwire, check out the Belle Underwire Nursing Bra. I highly suggest waiting till about 6 weeks after birth before buying an underwire. This because your breasts will fluctuate and more than likely grow more until this point. Most women's breasts will stabilize around this point to the size they will be while breastfeeding. One question that I get asked often: I heard underwires can cause problems while breastfeeding, is that true? No, properly fitting bras should not cause any issues. Where you will have issues if the bra isn't fitting properly. So when trying on an underwire bra, make sure your breasts fit fully in the cup and aren't spilling out of the cups on either the front or side and the band fits comfortably. 
For unlined bras, I love the Original Nursing Bra and Original Full Cup Nursing Bra from Bravado Designs. This lightweight, pullover bra styles are excellent everyday bras. The cups are excellent as they fully drop away from the breast to give full access to the breast. This is an excellent all-day bra whether you stay at home or head to the store. 
One last thing I want to leave you with is that several of these styles have a full cup option. If you are in the E-F range, you may want to look at the full cup styles as these will provide more support for you. In addition, the cups are larger to accommodate up to G in the Original Nursing Bra or J in the Body Silk Nursing Bra. 
Have questions on what size is best for you? Send me a message on Facebook or via email. 

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