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Celebrate The Holidays In Style and Comfort

Celebrate The Holidays In Style and Comfort

I remember the business holiday party that I went to while pregnant. Trying to find something comfortable to wear cause it was my first trimester and I was very uncomfortable. Trying to drink sprite all night and pretend it had something in it. It was a super awkward time as I wasn't telling my work yet. Bonus on top of everything else, is that I started having what I call the "burrito bump" cause it was like I had eaten a big burrito instead of a baby bump. 

So critical for me is finding styles for you that are fashionable, you can rock anywhere and are very comfortable. 

Let's start off on the "professional" looking side with this split top and pencil skirt. Honestly, a pencil skirt should be a staple in everyone's closet. A black pencil skirt is so versatile. What's great about the Elena Pencil Skirt is that you can wear the top over or under the skirt. The panel comes up high enough so that it covers both ways. 

Look if it's one time of year that we can wear all the velvet and velour, it's the holidays. That's why I am big fan of the Mila Maternity and Nursing dress. Soft velour matched with a great cut for maternity or nursing. Empire waistlines are so lovely for hiding an early bump or helping you feel gorgeous after baby is born. Also, let's give it up for this dress since you can easily pump in it during or after your night out. 

So not everyone loves skirts and dresses. That's why I present to you, the super fun pleather legging. Faux Leather Maternity Leggings are so much fun to dress up. We've just added the Charlotte top in blue for this outfit. Super fun, fashionable and most importantly comfortable. Add a pair of booties and you are ready for a date or company party. 

Next up I'll be writing about heading to holiday gatherings while pregnant. I want to give you ladies a few tips to help you throughout this season. In the meantime, grab a comfy outfit for your party!

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