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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

We are heading into fall and a change of seasons usually means a change in your closet. So let's build a cozy capsule wardrobe for fall and winter pregnancy.


So for me, I like to have one pair of jeans, one "nicer" pant, and a pair of joggers. I've chosen the:



For tops, I'm going to choose 6 tops that I can wear with the pants I've already chosen.

  • Fleecewear Maternity and Nursing Crew Top - I love layers so I'm grabbing a fleece option for when it's chilly.
  • Everyday Nursing and Maternity Shirt - Look, we all need one basic tee that goes with everything. The everyday tee is awesome cause we can continue to wear if we nurse!
  • Finley Maternity Top - I actually just choose this one because it's soft. It'll look great with the jeans and the joggers, but honestly I'm here for it's softness. 
  • Rachel Maternity and Nursing Tank - This one is a staple for me. It looks great all the time and for a variety of things. Bonus is you can use it to layer cardigan and jackets over. 
  • Norah Maternity Top - Simple, fun and lightweight. This top is a great transition piece that I can layer on top of for the chillier nights.
  • Jennifer Maternity Top - This is just a fun top! So If I was headed to the pumpkin patch or out and about, this would be my go-to top.

So ready to make the plunge on a capsule wardrobe? Use the code Capsule from today until September 17th for 20% off any 6 bottoms and tops combo!

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