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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you a Halloween fiend? Or a hater? Since having kids my appreciation for Halloween has really grown. While I enjoy the holiday I usually struggle with costumes that are relatively easy to put together. Especially since this year is virtual schooling for us, costumes that can be pulled together while the kids are running around are a huge plus.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of fun and relatively easy costume ideas for your Halloween this year. I’ve discovered that it doesn’t really matter what you enjoy (Star Wars, Anime, Sports, Construction Equipment, or Food) there’s a costume for that. Also the creativity of both pregnant and baby wearing mommas means you have a lot of great options, no matter what stage of your family journey you’re in. My kids refuse to do group costumes with us, so if you do a group one, share it so I can live vicariously!

Pregnant Avocado Costume with Matching Sriracha and Taco

This taco inspired family costume is awesome. The baby Sriracha really puts it over the top. With a little cardboard and some spray paint you can be a pregnant avocado in no time.

(via Saving Amy)

Cat and Yarn

Cat ears and a ball of yarn glued onto a black shirt and you have an easy costume for your baby bump. (via Cafe Mom

Pot of Gold

Call me a sucker for all things leprechaun, but I love this costume. A little hot glue, some felt and fake coins and you have an awesome Pot of Gold. (via Caro Gamble)

Robbers with a Cute Bundle of Cash

One of the best things about this costume is the ease of babywearing. Not to mention it’s easy to make masks (via Enjoy the Chase)

Baby Pumpkin

Classic Pumpkin is always great for Halloween. I love how this simple adaptation for a carrier keeps the baby warm and is super simple. (via Pinterest)

Mouse and Cheese

Chances are you have a cheesehead somewhere in your home. This is Packerland afterall. Add some furry ears for baby and you’re set as a Mouse and some Cheese (via Mum's Grapevine

Underwater divers

I don’t know about you, but I could handle some tropical weather today! A little bit of snorkeling would set me up. This costume is also great for all you Shark Week or Sharknado aficionados. 

Mario Family Costume

For the nostalgic Mario fans(via  Pinterest). I agree that this one takes a bit more work than the rest of the ideas, but I couldn’t pass it up. I can’t be the only one that played a ton of Super Mario!

The Presidents and Security

This costume is phenomenal! It’d be great for twins. Plus it uses up some of those boxes from all that internet ordering we’ve been doing. The ear buds and suit jackets you probably have already. Print off some presidential seals and you’re set. (via PopSugar

Where’s Waldo and Wanda?

Are you guys as much of Waldo fans as I am? I spent hours looking for Waldo and Wanda as a kid. Grab some striped shirts and a striped infant bodysuit. Add some pom pom hats and voila! (via Baby Care Mag )

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