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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Halloween is past which means it's time to set up our trees, set out our Hannukah lights, and get ready for the season. It's been a year, so I'll be decorating early and often. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, I wanted to send out our 2020 Gift Guide. 


It's a classic for a reason! Something that sparkles is always appreciated. Now she might like rings more than necklaces so it's time to do some investigating. For us here, my favorites are

Crystal Rose Gold Mama Necklace


Mama Bear and Baby Bear Cuff Bracelet

Make Dinner Easy

We've all been at that place where we just can't even for another week of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for these tiny humans. That's ok! Grab a gift certificate for Real Good Life (my favorite food delivery in Milwaukee). She can then pick a week of her choice to order food for. Not local to Milwaukee? There are great food deliveries like Freshly, Hello Fresh and more. Honestly, my husband ordered this for me a few times and it made my week. Y'all may doubt me on this one, but ask your partner if she would appreciate not making dinner for a week.

Spa Day

Make this one an event. Schedule a spa day for her. Don't just give her a gift card that will sit in her wallet, actually schedule her for that day. Check her calendar first. Pro tip ask her if she has something going on that day cause you have something you need to do. So after you have scheduled her, then grab a gift card for her favorite coffee shop so she can grab something afterwards. If you are near the shop in Thiensville, I love Deja Glow in Grafton. The ladies are super lovely and the atmosphere is so calming. 

Subscription Boxes

Get her a wine subscription or whiskey, or bourbon, or whatever her favorite is. The best part is that this gift keeps coming. So it could be three, six, or twelve months. Who knows. It's just something that reminds her every month of you. My husband purchased me a watercolor subscription from Let's Make Art for the year, and I really look forward to receiving this box every month. It's been a joy to do with my six-year as well. She also looks forward to trying to do the projects. 

Gift Cards

If you aren't sure what would bring your partner joy.. A gift card always works. You know she likes this shop, so you can just grab her a gift card here


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