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Ideas for Planning a Virtual Baby Shower

Ideas for Planning a Virtual Baby Shower

We live in unprecedented times but that doesn't mean we can't take a moment to enjoy being pregnant. Instead of an in-person baby shower, now's the time to switch over to virtual baby shower! Momma, you will give birth soon and you deserve to be pampered and showered. One of the best things about a virtual baby shower is that the guests who may have not been able to make it before due to distance, can now. 
The first thing is you need a place to meet up.You have a few options:
  • Facebook Messenger - This is free and great for just a few people. You can add people into one group and then do a video call. 
  • Zoom - Zoom is very popular right now since many of us are working from home. Zoom is free but you can only do a video call for 40 minutes for free. 
  • WebBabyShower - This inexpensive option (around $80) allows you to customize your virtual shower all in one spot. So you can do the hosting, video, photos, and links to your Babylink registry all in one spot.

One thing to note that video chats can be chaotic with a large number of guests. So you may wish to invite fewer people or have multiple showers with specific groups.

How to send an invite? 

  • Facebook Events - Easy to create and many people are already on Facebook. 
  • Evite - A great way to send invitations and know how many will be attending.
You can always use a free design program like Canva to create an invite. 
Can you still decorate?
Absolutely! You will be on camera so your guests will still see the theme through your decor. If someone was making or purchasing decorations, have them send the box to you. If you are decorating, you only need to decorate the small part of the room you will be sitting in.
Also, take into consideration the room you will be in and the lighting. You want to make sure it's not too dark so everyone can see you and celebrate you! It might be fun to do this in the baby's room if you have some of it put together. 
Games, games, games!
Yes, you can still play games during your virtual baby shower game! Parade has a list of 50 games you can play.
Opening gifts.. Your place or mine?
Some people have all the gifts shipped to them and open them during the shower. Some people have all the gifts opened by the original gift giver. And some people do both. There is no right or wrong. Depending on how quickly you may be putting this together, you might do a bit of both. 
Momma, you are going through an incredible transformation. I encourage you to celebrate the small moments and the big moments like your shower. Just because we are physical distancing doesn't mean we have completely cut off social ties. Enjoy your special day!
You got this momma, ❤ Jessica

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