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Maternity to Postpartum - Our Favorite Transition Pieces

Maternity to Postpartum - Our Favorite Transition Pieces

As you get closer and closer to your due date, you may be starting to consider what will I be wearing postpartum? First off, your maternity clothes will be a great start. Your body doesn't just magically go back to not pregnant looking for a bit. While you are recovering from birth (whether it's vaginal or c-section), I have a few recommendations to be super comfortable.

Labor and Delivery Gown

These are super soft and work great in the hospital and as pjs when you are home. In the hospital, there are tons of snaps on both the front and back to make it easy for doctors and nurses to access. Pockets are a big plus on this one so we can keep your lip gloss, phone, burp cloth, whatever you need on hand. 

This is something I very much wish I had 9 years ago when I gave birth to Sky. After giving birth, my stomach was so jiggly and it was weird to me. This higher waist would have been amazing plus the addition of the cold pack.. Perfection. I would have worn these things every day for a month straight. 
If you have been around this website for a bit, you may have heard my love of bamboo joggers. These are the ultimate pants for those who want to wake up in comfy joggers and then head out the door. Seriously, they feel like pajamas and look like adult pants. I can not say enough nice things about them for postpartum. Bonus, actual pockets on these joggers make them very functional.
For those who will be breastfeeding, having a few t shirts that you can easily pop a boob out of is wonderful. My baby was a " you will feed me now or feel my wrath" kind of baby so being able to quickly breastfeed was a sanity saver for me. I love the Sylvia top as it's easy to quickly access your breast, a little oversized, and super cute. Plus it's pretty soft and cozy.
Need some more ideas for transitioning? Send us a message!

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