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Looking for Close to the Heart? We've changed names!

Meet the Team: Heather

Meet the Team: Heather

Name: Heather Lenox, but I'll answer to mommy, mama, ma, and mamamamamama
What do you do at Close to the Heart? I help out with social media and try to be an all around cheerleader. 
What is your favorite thing about working at Close to the Heart?  I'm honestly just passionate about helping mamas feel seen and understood. That is something I believe this business just THRIVES in and it's such a gift to be part of that mission. 
Do you have kids? How many? We have 6 kiddos (I was once told I could never have kids, so I still choke a little every time I say that). Josiah is 8, Karis is 7, Mercy & Selah are 5 year old twins, Ezekiel (Zeke) is 2 and Sully (Solomon) is 9 months. In a moment of weakness we also recently adopted a giant puppy, Odie.
How do you take time for yourself? My husband is amazing at making sure I get to move my body each day. My favorite is when the weather is just right for a super long walk with earbuds and a great audiobook around Cedarburg, but I also love to hop on the elliptical and catch up on a little guilty pleasure TV. I also try to keep something creative in my life at all times. Doing social media for CTTH is that creative outlet that fits into my life currently, but when things were a bit less crazy (2 kids ago) I kept one foot in community theater. I hope to go back to that soon!
What has motherhood taught you? Oh gosh, motherhood hasn't merely taught me things, it's recreated me. I am so much more grace-filled, have lower expectations, and move at a slower pace now that I'm a mom. A recovering perfectionist, I've learned that perfection is nonsense, and peace is a perspective shift away. I continually say I'm a different person now that I'm a mom, but I like who i am now SO much better.
Favorite quick meal? Anything I can get all six kids and my husband to eat is a winner! They love a good pot roast thrown in the crock pot, or The Lazy Genius' Change Your Life Chicken. 
Simple, easy, and fast comfort food all around!

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