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Looking for Close to the Heart? We've changed names!

Meet the Team: Heidi

Meet the Team: Heidi

Name: Heidi
What do you do at Close to the Heart?
Retail consultant (aka helping you feel comfortable and beautiful during this crazy transition), Blogger, Occasional Social Media Maven, Sounding Board and Store Reorganizer
What is your favorite thing about working at Close to the Heart?
I love helping you deal with pregnancy! Pregnancy was a crazy stressful experience for me, so if I can use that experience to help you through your transition, it makes me super happy. 
Do you have kids? How many?
I have 3 kids who light up my life, make me laugh and exhaust me simultaneously.
How do you take time for yourself?
I garden, have dance parties, bike, read, knit, hike and camp. Oh, and I go talk to my mom or sisters.
What has motherhood taught you? 
You're never to old to be loved by your mom. Motherhood has taught me so much! It taught me to advocate for my mental health. Motherhood has taught me how to be brave and not freak out. Everyday I see more strength come out every time I make hard choices. This year has really taught me how to navigate boundaries and stand up for myself. I'm a people pleaser by nature and it only took me 35 years, HAHHA.
Favorite quick meal?
Scrambled Eggs on Toast with fresh herbs, fancy ass cheese and jalapeño jelly. Served with fresh fruit (no one ever turns this meal down and there are never leftovers)

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