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Looking for Close to the Heart? We've changed names!

Meet the Team: Jessica

Meet the Team: Jessica

This month, we will be kicking off a series so you can get to know our team better! You can look forward to getting to know our different team members over the next few months.
Name: Jessica Featherstone
What do you do at Close to the Heart? 
I'm the owner, shipping, receiving, janitorial, bra fitter, clothing steamer, and way more. 
What is your favorite thing about working at Close to the Heart?
I love helping women everyday. Motherhood is so so special and being able to help a woman feel confident during that time period gets me out of bed in the morning. Well that and a six year old.. 
Do you have kids? How many?
I have one girl child named Sky. She's my fierce little thing. She's currently 6.5 years old and is in first grade. She's definitely my adventure buddy and loves going on trips and camping. 
How do you take time for yourself?
I love to watercolor paint and do puzzles. I love hiking, camping, and canoeing. One of my favorite places is the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. It's so peaceful and quiet there. Well, quiet-ish. I have a six year old with me.
What has motherhood taught you?
Patience and the value of quiet. Also motherhood has taught me how to not immediately react to things. I'm not perfect at it, but I am a lot better at taking a moment to process before blowing up. 
Favorite quick meal? 
We love charcuterie boards. Put some salami, cheese, and saltines on a plate in a nice way and BOOM it's a fancy charcuterie board. But seriously, we add mustard and little dill pickles. It's super super easy and fun. 

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