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Meet your Muse

Meet your Muse

What happens after we are done nursing? Heck, what if we don't even want to nurse at all? What do we do about a bra then? As always, Bravado Designs is solving our boob problems for us. This time, they present us the Muse Bra. Similar to the Plunge Bra for nursing, the new Muse Bra is for that time when we aren't nursing or we don't want to breastfeed. 

This wireless bra is perfect for everyday wear. Similar to the Plunge, it has a deeper v in the front making it perfect for those tops with a lower neckline like the Goldie top. So for those looking to make the switch to a non-nursing style or just need something new in your dresser, the Muse is for you! Stop by to get fitted or send us a message for sizing help.

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