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Why We Support Mom's Mental Health Initiative

Why We Support Mom's Mental Health Initiative

Who do you turn to when it's not going well after baby is here? The baby blues have run their course and your hormones are returning to normal. But you aren't. 

Who do you turn to when you aren't OK during pregnancy? Do you know that there are providers that specialize in psychiatry for pregnant and postpartum women? Do you know who they are?

Mom's Mental Health Initiative does!

And they are here to help you! Mom's Mental Health Initiative is a Milwaukee based non-profit focused on providing support to women experiencing depression, anxiety, OCD, and psychosis during and after pregnancy. They do this through 4 different methods

  • Providing screening tools
  • Linking you up with providers that have been screened so you can have confidence that they have experience with pregnancy and postpartum specific complications
  • Providing peer support- with online and in person support groups
  • Education both for moms, providers, and organizations at the state level. 

Testimonials For MMHI: 

“I am 6 months postpartum and MMHI has helped me so much after a traumatic delivery which caused some serious health complications and lots of postpartum anxiety. This organization is amazing and such a great resource!”


“As a perinatal psychiatrist, MMHI allows me to put my patients in contact with other moms who have struggled or are currently struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Engagement in peer support is so crucial in this population as women often feel very alone and isolated during their experience.”

Christina Wichman, D.O.
Medical Director, The Periscope Project

Close to the Heart supports MMHI

Because we are deeply committed to maternal wellness we hosting an event to benefit MMHI. We believe that in order to have a healthy baby you need a healthy mom. You matter to us. Help us to help MMHI continue their amazing work in our community. This is a resource that we'd love to see state and nationwide. 

Did you know that 1 in 7 women will experience postpartum depression or a related illness, in a disparate area like Milwaukee County, that number is likely MUCH higher. Which means you probably know someone who could have used the resources that MMHI provides. We'd love to see that every woman who needs it, gets help. 

Saturday June 26th from 3-6

We'll have indoor shopping and outdoor lounging. Style Up will be serving up mocktails. Buxom Boudoir will have a selfie station. We also have Deja Glo and Martin & Mae. Outdoor lounging will be donated by McNabb & Risley. Lastly, there will be a silent auction. 

Buy your ticket to the MMHI fundraising event here

Not local? or cannot come? Donate direct to MMHI here 

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