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Mother's Day at Home

Mother's Day at Home

For many of us, Mother's Day this year will be spent at home. No brunches out with family or friends, no items made with love from school, and limited options on where to celebrate. Anyone else thinking a spa day would be really lovely right now? So in lieu of your normal Mother's Day activities and presents, I wanted to toss out a few ideas. Feel free to share these with your partners. 
Mother's Day Brunch
Have your partner call up your favorite restaurant and see what they are doing for Mother's Day Brunch. Pro tip: CALL NOW. If a restaurant is doing something for Mother's Day, it might be limited and you don't want to miss out. Many local restaurants are still open and offering brunches, special dinner, wine baskets, etc. If your favorite spot isn't open, do a gift card for the restaurant and babysitting at a later date. Connect with your babysitter now. I have a feeling they will be very busy once we are no longer asked to stay home.
Have your Little One Create
Handmade gifts are so cute and thoughtful. Even the smallest kids can get involved. Some handmade gift ideas:
  • Handprints on canvas
  • Flower pots from clay
  • Beaded jewelry like a necklace or bracelet.
  • Original Artwork from your children
The bonus of this is that depending on the age and child, you might have an activity for 30 minutes or so. If that sounds like too much work to figure out a project, our friends at Little Sprouts Play Cafe have put together a few kits for you.
Time Alone
Momma, if you want time alone. Make that clear. And don't feel guilty about the fact that you want to sit alone and read a book or play games on your phone for two hours. Now, if you want to be alone at home, also make that clear and send your partner off with the kids. Because we all know that if the children are in the house, they will find you. 
Plant a garden
There is something therapeutic about digging in the dirt. Whether you want to add some color to the front of your house or put some veggie pots on your balcony, planting is a great gift. Bonus, this is also an educational lesson for small children as they can watch things grow. 
And of course, you can always pick up something nice for Momma like some new jewelrya new bag, or just a gift card. The most important thing is to remember her in some way. 

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