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Product Review - Off Color Nails

Product Review - Off Color Nails

So I've had quite a few ladies comment on how much they love my nails and would love to do something like that. Expect they don't have time. Cause let's get real, waiting for nail polish to dry is excruciatingly slow. 99% of the time, I muck up my nails while I wait for polish to dry. That's why most of the time I use stick on nails. I typically use Ohora (they require a lamp) and Color Street. I came across Off Color Nails and thought these would be great for all my mommas. Off Color is non-toxic and cruelty free. So these are excellent for pregnant women and mothers caring for kids.


I found the application to be pretty easy as I'm used to this style of nail. One thing I did like about Off Color is that I can't just tear the polish strip like other brands. When I do that I normally tear it weird and having small blemishes right away. Some brands you need to be very gently with or you will tear them so I was excited that Off Color was a little sturdier. I had to use a nail clipper to trim down to my nail size. I always use a glass nail file (pro tip always use a glass nail file) as it smooths better than the usual sandpapery ones. 


These nails lasted me about a week before I honestly got bored and took them off. (Which is normally how long a set lasts me...) They held up to my hand washing, opening La Croix cans, steaming clothing, packaging orders and everything I do. I would say these hold up as well as Ohora nails (which are still my favorite cause you can get fancy gems on them). 

Pro Tips

One thing I always do is use the cuticle pusher included to push down all the edges. I normally get nail strips that come off near my cuticle (cause I don't cut or shape them often). So when I press down on the nails, they tend to do better. I also take my nail file in a downward motion when cleaning up the tips. Think about how long your nails are. I used the clouds and rainbows when I short nails so the patterns were weird on them. 

I really enjoyed these nails and it took me about 10 minutes to put on a full set of rainbow nails. They lasted a while and held up well for me. If you are looking for an easy set of nails, definitely grab a set of the Off Color nails. Find all the different colors of Off Color here.

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