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Staying Healthy During Winter

Staying Healthy During Winter

Winter is a marvelous time of year with the holidays, the snow, the sickness that runs rampant throughout families. O wait that last one is terrible. I wanted to send out a few tips on staying healthy. Thank you to Dr. Camille Berger of Early Beginnings Chiropractic for the tips!

1. Get more Vitamin D. While we can create vitamin D in our skin during the summer, we need a bit of help in the winter. A daily or weekly vitamin D supplement can help reduce influenza and the common cold. Connect with your physician or chiropractor (like Dr. Camille!) for proper dosage.
2. Avoid sweets. If you are like me, I work really hard on limiting sweets. Sugar can depress the immune system so the less sugar we eat, the better off we are. 
3. Take elderberry syrup. I grab a jar of elderberry syrup as soon as the leaves start to turn. Elderberry syrup is very helpful for boosting immune systems. We have premade bottles for babies, kids, and adults in the store. Not nearby? Pick up a DIY Kit.  Pro-tip for the adults, it tastes amazing in a whiskey hot toddy.
4. Get adjusted by a chiropractor. Adjustments have been shown to increase white blood cell counts immediately after. These cells help fight infections and keep our bodies free of pathogens. Chiropractic patients often notice that they don't get sick as often. And when they do get sick, they recover much quicker!
Dr. Camille has more tips on her blog to help you stay healthy. 

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