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The C-Section Wishlist

The C-Section Wishlist

This one is for my mommas who have a c-section, those who give birth and have a major surgery all in one go. Y'all need some extra love because you have to recover twice. Not just from birth which is it's own recovery, but also from surgery. So I wanted to make a list of what I would give you to help you heal..

A Helping Hand

The first thing on my list is an actual helping hand. I know that sometimes family isn't super helpful. Sure, they love holding the baby, but there is more than just a baby who needs some love. So tag in that helper. Do you have a family member who will take care of you or perhaps you need a postpartum doula. Having someone in two to three days a week to support you will make a huge difference. Take your time and heal. 

C-Section Briefs

These are amazing to help you heal. The high-waisted panty will help keep other clothing from touching your scar and then the silver infused fibers will help keep your incision area clean. A high waisted panty is a must during the early days!

Skin & Scar Balm

Y'all we should just put this in our cabinet in general. This balm will help you heal and minimizing scarring. Bonus, it's organic!

BFF From Belly Bandit

This is excellent to help provide a bit of comfort and help your abdomen heal after birth. I highly encourage you to pick up the Belly Shield to help prevent chafing and rubbing. The BFF has it's roots in the ancient of tradition of belly binding. Many mothers feel that belly binding helps with back pain, promotes good posture, and helps make your mid-section feel more secure. 

Water Bottle

A good water bottle should be on every postpartum momma's list. Y'all stay hydrated and have a big bottle next to you at all times. 

Mommas, if you are recovering from a c-section birth. Take your time. Be kind to your body. And take a walk as much as you are able. And please ask for help. As much as you need. You are taking care of yourself and a new baby. If you had a c-section, share what you wished you had or what helped you the most in the comments!

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