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What to Expect When Visiting Close to the Heart

What to Expect When Visiting Close to the Heart

One of the big stressors for me when heading out of the house with a small child is shopping. I remember so vividly thinking what happens if I need to feed my baby or what if there is a diaper blow out? I missed the simple days of just walking out of the house with only a wallet and phone. So when I moved to Thiensville last year, I started to think about what would make it easier for me to go shopping? And that's what I did. Here are a few things to expect when you come to visit:
  • Strollers that will accommodate a car set are available for you. I know it's hard to get the baby out of the car seat sometimes and it's just easier to bring them in that way. No problem, we have universal car seat strollers just for that.
  • Aisles that allow a stroller through. If you bring your own stroller, you can easily stroll through without stress.
  • The ability to feed a baby throughout the store. Our classroom space is a great spot to sit down and feed a baby, but feel free to feed your baby anywhere. We have a bottle warmer in the classroom for your use. Also if you need to pump, let me know and I'll create a private spot for you if desired or point out the outlets in the classroom.
  • Toys in the classroom for your littles. Look, I get it. Taking a child older than one shopping is painful. They are ready to go the moment you walk in the door. That's why I have toys in the classroom so they can play there. And a gate. So they can't make it anywhere without you knowing.
  • Changing pads in the back. We have two padded changing areas in the back. 
  • Oops I forgot something in the bathroom. Or maybe you got super lucky and started your period that day. Or your breast pads need to be refreshed. No problem. Grab what you need from the shelf. We've all been there. 
  • Helpful, knowledgeable staff. We are here to answer questions, do carrier demos or a bra fitting. 
  • Coffee, tea, and water is always available. Drink something, it's good for you! We make fresh coffee when you ask so just let us know. We are happy to brew you a cup. 
  • Local resources. As a postpartum doula, I think it's important to have connections around the area that you can trust. So if you are looking for someone to help you stop sneezing while you pee or wondering if there is a cloth diaper service nearby, just ask! We are happy to connect you. 

I know getting out with little ones is a monumental task some days, so we are here to make it just a wee bit easier. Don't forget, we offer local pick up as well. So if you have a few items that you need and getting inside is out of the question that day. No problem! You can place your order online and we are happy to meet you outside with your bag. You got this Momma!

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