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Winter Maternity Fashion

Winter Maternity Fashion

So for me, winter falls into two categories: absolute peak cozy and comfortable party attire. Let's get real, I'm at the stage of my life where I value comfort over fashion most days. So let's start with our peak cozy category. We will go over the party attire in a few weeks. 

Peak Cozy 

Pink Tie Dye Thermal and Ultra Cozy Pants

I feel that thermals are required for everyone here in Wisconsin. They are just a closet staple. Cuddl Duds added a fun twist with a pink tie dye. On the bottom, we have the ultra cozy leggings. This is a completely apt name as they are lightly lined on the inside with pockets. So this duo is going to become one of your favorites.

Milwaukee Mama Sweatshirt and Everyday Joggers

Let's be 100% here. This is peak grocery store chic for maternity and postpartum. I love nothing more than a comfy sweatshirt for running errands or just watching TV on the couch. While this sweatshirt isn't strictly maternity, it's so comfy, we don't care. The Joggers are so good, you will want them in multiple colors. (bonus, they come in black too!) These bamboo joggers have pockets big enough for your phone. Also, I personally love to sleep in these.

Presley Maternity Sweater and Bump Support Leggings

This super soft sweater doubles as professional wear. So if you are looking for something you can wear to the office and be comfy in at home, the Presley Sweater is for you. We paired these with the Bump Support Leggings, since they are heaven on Earth in the later months. Some days, you just want a little support with your bump and these leggings are here for you. 

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