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I'm pregnant, when should I buy a maternity bra?

I'm pregnant, when should I buy a maternity bra?

One question that I frequently receive is "I'm currently pregnant. When should I buy a maternity or nursing bra?"  

Here's the thing, while some people will tell you that you should buy in a certain month, it's really based on your body and your needs. If you are uncomfortable in your bras, it's time for a new bra. We've had women come in at 2 months because their breasts have grown and they need a new bra so they are comfortable. Some women have come in at 9 months because that is when they were uncomfortable.

The real thing I encourage you to think about is what KIND of bra you are buying. When you are pregnant, your body will continue to change so I highly discourage women away from cup and band size bras. Buying a bra that is sized small, medium, etc is a great way to go because these bras will have flexibility on their sizing. 

How do you know what size you are? Measure! Here is how you can measure yourself for a bra. Find a soft measuring tape, take off bulky clothing, and follow these steps:

  • Take a measurement below the breasts around the rib cage. This will be your band size. Typically band sizes are done in even numbers so we normally round up for comfort.
  • Take a measurement around the fullest part of your breast. This will be an estimate of your cup size. Take your cup measurement minus your band measurement. This will be your cup size number
    • 1 inch is A cup
    • 2 inch is B cup
    • 3 inch is C cup
    • 4 inch is D cup
    • 5 inch is DD/E cup
    • 6 inch is F cup
    • 7 inch is G cup
    • 8 inch is H cup
    • 9 inch is I cup
    • 10 inch is J cup

Please note that measurements are a starting point. Your breasts have volume rather than inches so this is one way to find a good starting point. 

So once you have a measurement, now you can start to decide what kind of bra is best for you. I will always encourage you to not purchase a bra that is band and cup sized while pregnant. This bra may not fit you after baby is born and your milk comes in. 

Many people also ask what kind of bra they should buy. There are lots of different styles to match styles you already love. If you are nearby, we suggest coming into the store to find your perfect match. If you aren't in the area, feel free to send us a message here on the website, on any of our social media, email us, or call us at (262)618-2736 for suggestions on a bra that will fit your style. Close to the heart offers free shipping and returns for orders over $100 so you can easily send back anything that you don't love. 

I know bra shopping can be daunting.. so that's why we are here to help! Stop by or send us a message with any questions!

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