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❤ Simple and Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day! ❤

❤ Simple and Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day! ❤

So this Friday is a big day at our house... ❤ Valentine's Day. This is probably Sky's second favorite holiday right after Christmas. Sky is absolutely in love with a holiday all about love and hearts. So with that in mind, I thought we would highlight a few fun ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your little ones.

1. Food is an easy way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Maybe add a bit of red food coloring to your morning pancakes or use a cookie cutter to cut out a heart sandwich for their lunch box. 
2. Make a Valentine's day themed sensory box. You can use red or pink dye to color rice and then add fun things like plastic cookie cutter hearts, pom poms, bows, fake petals, etc. You can also purchase a silicone heart tray and then make frozen hearts to play with in the bathtub.
3. Decorate cookies together. Break out that heart cookie cutter again! Make some simple sugar cookies or pick up some pre-made ones and icing. I suggest putting down a cookie tray under your little one to catch any of the sprinkles that go astray. 
4. Make a Valentine's Day wreath. I love this simple tutorial from The Resourceful Mama on using a paper plate, some craft paper, and glue to make a simple wreath. 
5. Dress in pinks and reds. I love how simple this one is but Sky always loves when we dress up for the holidays. 
So will you be dressing up for Valentine's day or doing anything special in your home? ❤

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