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5 Things to do this Spring While Pregnant

5 Things to do this Spring While Pregnant

Spring.. It gives us a certain energy. A desire to do things. Leave our houses. Enjoy some fresh air.. Here are 5 things to do this Spring:

  1. Get your Nesting On - Now is the time to start spring cleaning, moving furniture to accommodate the crib you purchased, and making sure the floor is mostly clean before someone eats off it. Babies somehow get into everything. So now is an excellent time to get low and see what needs moved, especially if you are earlier in your pregnancy. 
  2. Safety Check - Speaking of babies getting into everything. While you are cleaning, take a moment and look around. Do you need a bumper for the coffee table? How many knobs for the doors will you need? Now is a great time to make a list and add it to your baby registry. This allows others to add these little things onto their orders. 
  3. Prepare the Nursery - So this was probably the most fun I had when I was pregnant with Sky. I painted the room, I painted a dresser that we repurposed, crafted her name, and so much more. Since I could now open the windows, it felt great to create her wall mural and add all the little embellishments. As I told my husband, I was going to have to look at this room A LOT so I wanted it to be fun for me. And well I guess Sky too. 
  4. Take a Babymoon - Now is the time to head out before the weather gets too warm. Also, it's gonna be a bit before you get to head out solo once the baby is here. So take a trip. Go see the cherry trees in Door County, head down to Florida to sit on a beach, visit the Grand Canyon. Heck, get a bed and breakfast somewhere and just enjoy. There are so many beautiful places to visit and we have clothing to help you have a comfy vacation. So if you need a swimsuit or shorts, we carry those year round. 
  5. Get outside - Whether you go for a hike or head to Wauwatosa to walk around.. Get outside. Enjoy the spring air and take a hike. Here in Milwaukee, you can take a walk along the lake shore, then stop for coffee at Colectivo. Pro tip, wear an extra layer as it's usually colder by the lake. We have so many great spots to enjoy the spring air here in the Milwaukee area! Feel free to send us a message asking for some.

Spring is a time of renewal and energy so take some time to enjoy! 

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