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After Birth: Vaginal Delivery

After Birth: Vaginal Delivery

As I watched the FridaMom commercial a few days ago, I realized that we don't prepare women for what to expect after your baby is born. Sure we teach how to swaddle or cover the baby boy's penis so you may get sprayed, but how about healing momma? It's so important to remember that you are experiencing physical changes as well! You need time, support, and a few things to help heal your body after birth. I've partnered with Jo Ann Bishop Doula to come up with a list of things you will want in your bathroom after the baby is born. 

Can’t Live Without

  • Sitz Bath
  • Sitz Spray or Perineal Balm 
  • Large Sanitary Pads
  • Disposable Underwear (these you wouldn’t mind throwing away if they are ruined)
  • Stool Softener
  • Peri Bottle (often given at the hospital too)
  • Ice pads

Repair Down There

  • Hemorrhoid cream
  • Tucks
  • Dermoplast for 4th-degree tear pain

Breast Care Items

  • Nursing bras
  • Nipple Cream
  • Therapy pillows (if you don't use them, they work great for little kids boo boos)


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