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April Fool's Pranks for your Kids

April Fool's Pranks for your Kids

April Fool's Day is almost here! It's personally one of my favorite days. You don't take anything too seriously, and jokes abound! But how can kids safely get in on the fun? We know the jokes can get mean, but here are a few ideas that are just plain fun!

Dye their milk

Perfect for kids who have milk and cereal every morning, just put a couple of drops of blue food coloring in the milk carton and watch them be surprised!

Orange Juice Jello

 Mix up some Jello using orange juice, pour into glasses to set, and stick a straw in it!

Googly eyes on lunch items

This works if you send lunch to school with your kids, although you won't get to see their reaction. Glue some googly eyes onto a banana, or whatever you like that has a wrapper or peel! How cute.

Brownie Fake-Out

Tell your kids you made brownies, but when you pull the pan out of the oven, reveal specially prepared Es cut out of brown construction paper! This one's a bit of a groaner, but still fun.

Frozen Food

On the night of March 31, make a bowl of oatmeal or cereal, stick a spoon in it and put the whole bowl in the freezer. In the morning when they're served, they'll go to take a bite and the whole thing will be frozen solid!


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