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Back to School: Pumping Edition

Back to School: Pumping Edition

While everyone else is writing blogs about the lunchbox you should buy for little George, we want you to take a moment and read about the clothing you should get to make pumping easier. This one I'm writing for all the women who are headed back to work and will be pumping. I want to make pumping easier for you so here are a few things I recommend..

1. A hands-free pumping bra

This one is a critical ladies. To pump easier, I always suggest a hands free pumping bra UNLESS you have a pump that just tucks in your bra like an Elvie or Willow. We carry the Rumina brand bras, Love and Fit All in One, and the Bravado Clip and Pump. This is a perfect layer to start with.

2. An Easy Access Top

Y'all, having to remove your top, change your bra, hold on to the flanges, and then start pumping. I am not a huge fan of that. I love something that is easy to access for pumping so you can just start pumping. Some great styles of tops for this are:

Button Downs - Always a classic! 

Button down shirts are a great choice for pumping and would work well with our nursing camis as your first layer. Additionally, they are great for those of you who are back in the office or in a school setting with a business casual dress code. 

Surplice Tops - A newer take on the button down

Easy to pull to the side like this Black Surplice Maternity and Nursing Top shirts are really amazing for pumping. They don't usually require a second layer underneath and are great for dressing up or down for casual Fridays!

Breastfeeding Tops have gone fashion forward!

Many breastfeeding tops allow you to access both breasts at once like the Isabella Nursing Top. We love this top for it's convenient access for both pumping and nursing. Bonus: it doesn't scream breastfeeding top and it's amazingly soft.

We want to make your pumping experience just a bit easier, so stop by or shop online to make your school year a bit easier. 

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