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Before you Deliver.. Things to think of

Before you Deliver.. Things to think of

As our pregnancy's progress, we start to focus on delivering the baby. Where are we delivering, who is delivering, who will be in the room, and more. A delivery plan is fantastic, but there is more to think about before you deliver. I've put together a list of things to help you prep for coming home after the baby is born. 

Things to prepare before you deliver:

  • Think about easy meals. Once you deliver the baby, making a meal might be at the bottom of your to do list. So, prep some freezer meals or purchase some easy to eat meals from Real Good Life or Fresh Chef MKE. Honestly, I highly suggest getting easy meals for a few weeks after the baby is born. The other thing to think about is how to eat meals while feeding a baby. You might only have one hand so cutting things might be out. Adult lunchables are a thing and they are brilliant.
  • Think about easy snacks. Look, you just gave birth to a baby. Snacks are critical. You will eat at weird times and on the go a lot. So grab snacks you can easily hold and easily eat. I loved granola bars during this time. 
  • A space or three to feed a baby. Look around your house and think about where you and your partner will feed a baby. Prep that are by adding a phone charger, a snack box, books, the remote, anything to make your life a little easier. If you are having your second baby, add special toys to that area for entertaining your first born while you feed a baby. 
  • A space or three to change a baby. Have multiple levels in your house? Create a few changing stations to make your life easier. After Sky was born, we had a changing station in her bedroom and in my bedroom. Sky slept in a portable crib that had a changing area and newborn sleep area. I had this in my bedroom to make getting up in the middle of the night easier for us. If you have three changing areas for a while, that's ok if it makes your life easier.
  • A space for sleeping. Will baby sleep in their crib right away or will they be in a bassinet in your room? Prep these areas ahead of time. Maybe you will have the baby nap in a different place during the day or during the night. I loved having Sky in the same room as us for the newborn stage as it made me feel more comfortable. I knew I would wake up quickly when she work up. 
  • A list of helpers. Whether someone is coming in like your mom or you have a postpartum doula (highly recommend!), having someone to help with things is important. Create expectations upfront on how much help you are hoping to receive. If grandparents come in, are you expecting help with the other kids or house cleaning? Maybe you splurge and get someone to come clean your house once a week for a few weeks while you settle into motherhood. 

 Honestly, some of these things I thought of before I delivered and some I really wish I had thought of. For those mommas who have delivered, I'd love to hear what you wish you had prepped ahead of time! Drop your comments and share!

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