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The big transition..

The big transition..

Many of you are about to ready to make a huge transition in your life. Whether you are having your first baby or your fifth, each one is a different transition in your life. So as we get closer and closer to your due date, I wanted to share some advice. As with all things, feel free to take some and leave some others. 

  • Anywhere you think that you might feed a baby, make yourself a little care basket. Put things you will want in them like easy to eat snacks, water, lip balm, nipple balm, wipes, a phone charger, etc. When my daughter was a newborn, she would do cluster feeds in the afternoon and I was stuck for a bit. So having a little care basket made my life better for me when I had a two hour stretch on the couch. I would just restock every morning all the granola bars I was snacking on. 
  • It’s OK to say No. No is a full sentence and you don't have to explain your reasons to anyone. Kira said, "No to going places, no to volunteering, no to other people holding baby!" Your time is precious so make sure you are putting yourself and your baby as the priority. 
  • Laundry, dishes, picking up, etc can all wait. I know it seems like we need to be perfect and have everything together. We should be able to do it all! Y'all, give yourself grace. Choose one thing to do a day and allow yourself bonding time, nap time, whatever you need time. 
  • Baby carriers can be lifesavers. Sky was a baby who would scream when we put her down. So I found the joy of baby carriers very early on. I was able to walk, do a few dishes, or just stand and sway easier with her attached to me. Kira said "The earlier you do it with baby the more they will also like it. This gives you snuggle time while also able to do other things like laundry or dishes!"
  • Visitors aren't required. It's ok to take days, weeks, months, whatever time you need to feel like having visitors. And if you want visitors right away, that's great. Just have them do a few dishes and toss them in the dishwasher. No one is entitled to you or your baby's time. Also, if you aren't put together or your house isn't perfect. No need to apologize. You are doing your best. If someone wants to be a jerk because you just gave birth to a human and are using all your resources for that baby.. Well that makes them a real asshole. Feel free to send this to them so they know it. 
  • You are doing your best. If you are scrolling Instagram or chatting with a friend, and they seem to have it together.. It's ok that you don't. This is going to change day to day. So just remember each day that you are doing your best. Some days your best will be snuggling and feeding a baby. Some days your best will be a clean house and a content baby. Both days are good days. 

Have a few tips for a new momma or for a momma transitioning to 1 to 2, etc?? Share your feedback in the comments!

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Linden Bousaid

4.5 weeks postpartum and needed to read this! Thank you!

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