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Buying a Bra for Maternity and Postpartum

Buying a Bra for Maternity and Postpartum

One of the hardest things to shop for has to be a bra. There are so many styles to choose from. Do we want padding, no padding, sports bra, or perhaps something in a racerback? This is made even harder by the fact that our pregnant and postpartum bodies are constantly changing. 

This is where maternity and nursing bras come in. Instead of buying a bra that is band and cup-sized, buy a bra that is sized small or large. Maternity/nursing bras are designed to grow and flex. So whether you add two cups sizes or one cup size and band size, you are going to be ok. The real question heads back to what style of bra do you like?
Breaking down the styles
Different bras are helpful in different situations. For example, here at Close to the Heart, we carry sleep, everyday wear, camisoles, sports, and pumping. So you might want to get a combination depending on your lifestyle. 
Sleep Bras
Sleep bras are excellent for keeping your nursing pads in at night. Some even come with the pads built-in. I always suggest first-time moms use pads at night for a while as you do not know whether or not you will leak. It's very awkward to wake in a puddle. Another great thing is that sleep bras are easy to breastfeed in for those late-night feedings. Sleep bras are also excellent for everyday wear if you love bras with no padding.
Everyday Wear
Whether you love no padding or padding, there is a variety of bras for everyday wear. Your choices here will depend on what kind of style you prefer. Some bras will have no padding and the opportunity to breastfeed either by unclipping or by pulling to the side. Some are lightly padded. Some have a little more padding and will provide a bit of lift. 
Camisoles are amazing. Tuck them under a shirt for the two shirt technique, put on a cardigan, or wear them by themselves on a warm day. Some camisoles are pump and nurse as well so they are perfect for work situations. 
Babies want to feed. In the middle of a run, babies want to feed. Sports bras vary in how much support they will give. So based on your activity, you may want something with light support perfect for hiking or yoga, or something with more support for running or CrossFit. 
Pumping bras are amazing for those women who need to pump. Many are nurse and pump so you can use the same bra all day. Pumping bras will help you stay hands-free while pumping so you can eat, work, or finish that next level on your game. 
How do I know what bra is perfect for me?
Actually several bras will be perfect for you! Think about your daily activities. If this is your first child, I highly suggest a sleeping bra and two everyday bras. Think about wash, wear, spare. Babies, especially newborns, are messy. There are a lot of body fluids in the first few weeks, including your own, so having at least three bras is a great way to start. Want some help figuring out which styles? Send us a message on Facebook, on Instagram, via email, or call us at (262)618-2736.

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