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Celebrating the Season.. Pregnant

Celebrating the Season.. Pregnant

O man, the holidays. While they can bring closeness, fun, and memories, they can also be a huge time of stress. You can feel the stress of not wanting to discuss your pregnancy or people trying to touch your bump or any number of things. 

So I want to start this off with.. No one "deserves" your time or attendance. You can choose to go where you will be happiest. 

So for the events you will be attending, let's chat about a few strategies for things you can encounter this season.


If you headed to a party with alcohol and you would normally have a drink, I suggest a mocktail. Especially if you are at a work function where you aren't ready to disclose your pregnancy yet. Head up to the bar when it's slow and then order something that looks like you normally drink. 


OO first trimester woes like only being able to eat bagels and orange juice (just me?). So if you are feeling nauseous, it might be prudent to bring along a few things that could help like nausea relief bands or morning sickness sweets. Are you easily getting indigestion? Pregame with a few tums and then stash a few more with you. 

On Nosey Peoples

To head back to the first thing I mentioned, no one deserves your time, attendance or explanations. You can tell people as much or as little as you want. You do not have to listen to people tell horror stories of birth, you do not have to listen to everyone's "suggestions", and you don't need to answer anyone's questions. Also, if you do not want to be touched, you do not have to allow people to rub your belly. You are not a Buddha statue. 

On Being Tired or Overwhelmed

If you are getting tired or overwhelmed, I give you permission to leave. I remember getting tired so easily during the first and third trimesters and loved my mid day nap. So this was a great excuse to leave places and just take care of me. 

At the end of the day, the most important person you are taking care of is yourself. So remember that as you go through the holiday season and beyond. 


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