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Dealing with Winter while pregnant

Dealing with Winter while pregnant

Let's be real, sometimes winter can be a real pain. Whether it's the lack of sun, the cold air drying out our skin, or the limitations on what we can do (I miss you wading pool). Then add pregnancy on top of dealing with winter and life can get really "fun". So we've added a few tips to help you along during winter!

  1. Get a Flu Shot - Look let's be brutally honest. Being sick while pregnant is the ABSOLUTE WORST. So for me, the best thing I did while pregnant was preventing sickness. In addition, boosting your immune system to help prevent sickness is a great idea. So the Elderberry Immune Tea is something to drink everyday to help your immune system. 
  2. Head straight to creams - Lotions are fantastic but with the dry weather, creams are the way to go. These are going to be heavier and provide more moisture for you. I suggest the Tummy Honey Cream to help keep you moisturized. 
  3. Keep hydrated - Water is going to be your best friend this season. With how dry it is inside and out, keeping a water bottle with you is a great idea. This will also help keep your skin moisturized. 
  4. Keep active - This one seems to be a bit harder in the winter, whether you don't want to go for a walk cause of the weather and fall hazards or don't want to get out of bed cause it's cozy. Sometimes a bit of stretching and movement in home can do a world of good.
How did you keep yourself feeling your best during a winter pregnancy? Share your comments with us.  

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