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How Can Partners Support Breastfeeding?

How Can Partners Support Breastfeeding?

One of the biggest surprises after Sky was born was how much she relied on me. Me and me only. For some reason, I had this idyllic version in my head that Sky would be born and Daniel would take on primary caretaking for a few days so I could heal up from birth. Sky would breastfeed every few hours and my husband would lovingly bring her in from wherever she had been sleeping like a tiny cherub. The reality with breastfeed babies is that we as the mother spend most of our time breastfeeding that baby. That was one thing that I personally wasn't prepared for. It left little time to make myself food, shower, and do general household chores. I spent A LOT of time on my couch in those first few weeks. I'm so grateful to Daniel for all his support during that time and wanted to highlight things he did that really helped.
  • Daniel made a lot of easy to eat with one hand food. If it was a dish that needed cut up, he would hand me a plate of food with everything cut up so I could eat with one hand. 
  • Daniel bought a ton of easy to open snacks at the grocery store. This way when I was home by myself, I could have something easy on the go between breastfeeding and walking a baby that needed constant motion. 
  • Daniel never mentioned the dirty dishes or the missed housework. Never once did he ask what I did all day when he came home to a house that was dirtier than when he left 8 hours earlier. He just came in, asked what I needed (usually to pee) and took Sky for a few minutes.
  • Daniel called if he was coming home late. As soon as Daniel knew he would be home late, he let me know. Usually, I was trapped underneath a sleeping Sky on the couch. She was the baby that needed constant touch so she slept on me while I watched Blacklist. 
As time went on, Sky and I became more comfortable with a baby carrier and I was freed from the couch for naptimes. Then I learned how to feed her in a baby carrier. That being said, there was a time where I was pinned to the couch and I'm so grateful for Daniel's help. So if you are in that time period, let your partner know what you need (or send them this blog) and give yourself grace. It's ok if you and your little one are snuggled on the couch for a few.  
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