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I Owned Two Bras

I Owned Two Bras

I need to tell everyone a secret. When I was breastfeeding, I only owned two bras. While many of you (most of you) will not find this shocking, I myself now find this to be a SHOCKING revelation. You see, I now own about 15 bras. Many of them for nursing even tho Sky hasn't nursed in almost three years. I have a healthy love (read: obsession) with over the shoulder boulder holders. 
What made this huge change in my life? Why am I not content to own two bras and switch them out every other day? (Also, eww during the summer.. So sweaty.) I now understand why we should be giving our breasts some love and know how to do that. I mean that's a major reason I'm in business is to help women find comfortable bras. 
So a few things about bras..
1. They should be comfortable. If you are uncomfortable in your bra, it really ruins the whole day. So it's important to find something comfy, that you can be in for long periods of time.
2. Wash, wear, spare is a real thing. Kids are gross. Like I understand that's a true statement about parenting not just bras. However, you hold babies next to your body and they have a lot of fluids that don't always stay in them/the diaper. Toddlers. O man toddlers, seem to get into everything. And then touch you. So what happens when your bra is dirty? Grab your spare.
3. Not all bras are made equal. I ran a marathon after Sky turned two while she was still breastfeeding. Which means the only sports bra I owned was a cheap one from a major brand that happened to have nursing clips. Y'all I ran in this bra almost everyday. Then when I ran the marathon, I was in it for a little over five hours and it was rainy. The nursing clips rubbed my skin and I cried during my shower afterwards due to the skin being rubbed raw. That is why I carry the Athena bra in store because I know if you go for a run, you won't end up like me. 
4. Getting a proper fit is critical. Yes, we all know this but it becomes even more important during pregnancy and postpartum cause our breasts are changing rapidly. Understanding your sizing is important. You can use this video to size yourself at home.
5. Try it on. Being able to try on your new bra is important. How does it fit? Do you need to adjust the straps to be tighter or looser? Does the band ride up in the back? Is the bra up too high in the armpit? Always wear a nursing pad if you are currently nursing while trying on bras. Our dressing room is open and you can return bras that have been tried on (as long as you use a nursing pad). We know how important it is to get the correct fit!
I just want you to remember that your comfort is important. You are as important as your baby. So when you are shopping for baby, don't forget to grab some things (like a comfy bra) for yourself as well.

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