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Now is the Time for Grace

Now is the Time for Grace

Right now is the time for grace. To sprinkle grace like confetti everywhere. Especially to give it to yourself. Right now you might be balancing trying to get work done while your children are at home while you also attempt to school them and the very least keep some sanity. Or perhaps you are an essential working and have to head into work while taking your child into daycare and stressing about everyone's health. Here's the truth. Right now, we can not be as productive as we could at our regular jobs. We can not be as focused as we normally are. 
So if you are being driven insane by your child, that's ok. If you can't play another game of UNO, that's ok. Right now, the best thing you can do is give yourself some grace. It's important to do something for yourself. Everyday. Even if it's five minutes alone in the bathroom eating that fancy chocolate you love. Don't share that. That's all for you. 
Also, give your children grace. This is harder than it sounds.... If you are like me the whining of my child just sets my teeth grinding by 1pm.. But remember, this is unusual and scary for them as well. They may not be in school with their peers and they miss playing with the other kids. They may not be in daycare with their regular schedule. So remember that this is hard when they seem to cry and whine more than usual. 
So during this time spread grace around like confetti. You are enough.

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