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Pelvic Health Physical Therapy - PT for my WHAT?!?

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy - PT for my WHAT?!?

Have you ever heard of physical therapy for your pelvic floor? No, well you’re not alone! You’re also not alone when it comes to improving your pelvic floor health.

            When I tell people what I do, I get a lot of confused looks. After a brief explanation, the light bulb goes off and I get asked the inevitable question, “how did you get into that?” 

            When I started school for Physical Therapy, I thought I wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist. I’d always enjoyed working with kids while babysitting, nannying, and coaching and thought I would continue to work with children as a physical therapist. While in school I had the opportunity to learn about another specialty - pelvic health - and quickly realized that I would be changing course! 

            So many of the moms I’d worked for over the years had issues with their pelvic floor health. The mom rushing to get to the bathroom the moment she walked in the door because her bladder was “never the same after number three.” The mom tightly crossing her legs every time she laughed. The mom who would start to run after the soccer ball, then suddenly stop. These women were dealing with their issues in silence and didn’t know there was help beyond a panty liner.

Every day I have the honor of helping women take back their lives. Whether it’s racing to get to the bathroom, not always making it in time, or losing a few drops of urine when you cough, sneeze, or jump, there’s a solution. Low back pain during pregnancy, pain at your c-section scar, or pain with sex, there’s help for that too. Not sure how to stay active during your pregnancy or get back into a workout routine after baby? We’re here to give you more guidance than “if you did it before you were pregnant you can keep doing it,” or “it’s been six weeks, just listen to your body.” 

As a pelvic health physical therapist, or as some of my clients like to say, a “Vagina PT” I have the knowledge of a traditional orthopedic physical therapist, as well as extra education surrounding the functions of the pelvic floor, the impacts of pregnancy and menopause on the body, and so much more. I’m here as part of your team as you prepare for birth and after the birth of your little one - whether it’s been a few weeks or a few decades!

This is a guest post from Lauryn Beecher, PT, DPT, RYT. Lauryn sees patients at Health In Balance Physical Therapy in Mequon. If you are experiencing pain, peeing while you sneeze or more, give Lauryn a call. Remember Momma, you are important so it's critical you take care of yourself. - Jessica, Owner and Mother

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