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Preparing for Summer, Pregnancy Edition

Preparing for Summer, Pregnancy Edition

We're in Wisconsin, and it's finally warming up! I always say it's easier to "fake" maternity clothes in winter, but nearly impossible in the summer. You're not wearing oversized sweaters anymore, and you need comfortable clothes that you can keep cool in.

In addition to comfy clothes, there are a few other essentials we recommend to stay as comfortable as possible while pregnant this summer:

Anti-chafing powder for under skirts. Few things are worse than chafed inner thighs when we're just trying to stay cool in a skirt or dress. For another option, our Thighs Disguise also works great to keep the sticky chafing down.

A water bottle. Iced coffee doesn't count as water! When we're pregnant, we need to be even more conscientious about staying hydrated and bringing a reusable water bottle with you everywhere is an easy way to keep up your water intake.

Compression socks. If you're experiencing water retention and swelling, compression socks can be a lifesaver. They might not be the most glamorous, but when it comes to being comfortable, compression socks help a ton with reducing swelling.

Light layers. Often our skin gets even more sensitive in summer, which is why we recommend sun shirts over sunscreen to keep UV rays away.


Enjoy your summer, mama!


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