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Road Trips & Pregnancy: 5 Tips to Stay Comfortable

Road Trips & Pregnancy: 5 Tips to Stay Comfortable

It's officially the summer of the road trip! I'm so excited. Being pregnant while road tripping can lead to its own challenges. But don't fear! I definitely spent a lot of time in the car while pregnant and learned a thing or two about comfort.

Also before we start with the tips- road trips are the perfect time to get your cute sunset kissing belly shots! 

1. Snacks (lots of them)

This may seem like a no brainer, but if you forget them you'll be miserable. My husband once made the mistake of not pulling over when I said I wanted a Culver's shake. Maybe if I had packed some snacks it would have gone over better. But it was the second trimester and I was HUNGRY. I usually pack a mix of almonds, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate chips. Sometimes when I'm feeling fancy I even add cashews for a bit of salt. I also tend to crave fresh fruit when pregnant and have found that it is worth it to pack a mini cooler with berries, watermelon, and grapes.

2. Pillows for your back

At 30 weeks, during my first pregnancy, I was in an Amtrak overnight to Seattle. Two nights on a train taught me that pillows are non negotiable. I had every soft thing I could find propped behind me, between my legs, under my feet. It was insane. (Note to self: spring for the compartment next time so I can lay down.) Pillows for behind your back or to prop up your feet can make you a lot more comfortable.

3. Comfortable clothing that can work in and out of the car

We love the Kindred Bravely soft line that just came in store. They have a sweet tank and the best shorts. Our best selling body con dresses are also a great option. I think that the road trip is great because you get to bring whatever you'd like and not need to worry about outfits. Now's the time to grab your favorite outfits and bring them along. I'd also recommend these beautiful linen pants for those who get too cold in AC but want to not feel overheated the instant you step out of the car. Lastly, grab a drapy cardigan for those cooler summer nights!

4. Misting Fans or Cooling Spray

If you're headed out camping, somewhere warm, or spending a day at the beach it can be easy to get overheated. Make sure you have lots of water. One of those squeezy fans with misting power is really an amazing way to stay cool this summer. We also love the Nourish Cooling Spray which is made locally in Wisconsin. 

5. A swimsuit

It's an old rule. My dad always insisted we have a swimsuit packed. He said it never hurt to be prepared. Also that if we had forgotten our swimsuit that he wasn't going to buy us another. And no one wanted to be the only one not swimming! Make sure you throw your swimsuit in the bag. Grab yours here.

Heidi's Bonus Tip

Plan fun stops. I needed the knowledge that we were going to be stopping soon at the World's Biggest Ball of Twine or the Corn Palace or the Field of Dreams. Or even that the best smoothie place was waiting for me at the end of the day. Afterall, that's the beauty of the roadtrip isn't it? Looking for those little local places that blow your mind. 

Are you traveling this summer? Share your favorite road trip tip with us!

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