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Start a New Workout Routine

Start a New Workout Routine

Hali Moro, Owner of AMRAP Method, shares with us her thoughts on starting a new fitness routine and how important it is for us to be an example to our kids. 


My best advice to those of you looking to start a new fitness routine with the new year is, just start. Don’t go through your laundry list of reasons you can’t anymore. Finally, just say “This is what I’m going to do,” And do it…


When it comes to our health besides, “I don’t have the time,” we usually skimp on the quality of gym or food because we “can’t afford it.” It’s time to finally INVEST in your health. I guarantee if you truly look at where your money is spent there is plenty of room for reprioritizing because that’s what it breaks down to. How important are those nights out at the club, those super expensive drinks, that greasy brunch? Yes, everyone deserves to let loose and indulge, but moderation is key! So once you put your health a little higher on the list of priorities and you start to see these life changing results, I promise you wont think twice about those late nights!


Do your research. Find a place that seems to have a good supportive community because THAT is the key to success. You will be spending a lot of time with these people, sweating with them, laughing with them and they will become your support system. If you have a good community in the gym you will start looking forward to your workouts instead of feeling forced to show up to the gym! 


Make sure you figure out some sort of routine. You may think your life is to hectic for routine, but in all that chaos there is bound to be a pattern. It just may not seem like something you want to do or something you tell yourself you CANNOT do, like 5 am class, but you just have to commit and that’s where that community will help it become a part of your everyday routine. And when you find the right coaches all you really need to do is walk in those doors and they will be the ones who help you find that motivation. Just show up! We always feel better after we leave the gym, the regret comes from when we don’t show up. 

But you’re a working parent so now what? That’s another important part of researching your gym. Starting my fitness journey as a single mom of 3 working full time with call at the hospital put me exactly in this position. This is why I opened AMRAP Method. I wanted to create a place that was family friendly where those hard working parents could find the time for themselves and lead a healthier lifestyle. A place where their children could watch them and learn what it takes to at a young age to live a healthy lifestyle. We built a half wall enclosure for a kids area so kids are always in their parents sight, but in a safe, FUN, place!

So you find the times that work best for you and then you make it nonnegotiable. It becomes a part of your everyday just like brushing your teeth…even when you don’t feel like it ;)


I’m a big believer in practice what you preach. Your actions truly speak louder than your words, especially when it comes to your kids. You can tell them to go run around, stay off their phones, don’t watch TV all day, eat their vegetables but if they don’t see you living by your very own words it means nothing! I always tell my girls how important it is to have self motivation and determination to do the things they WISH they could do. That working hard towards those things are exactly how we accomplish them. And they’ve been witness to the transformation my fitness journey has given me. They are learning the word “can’t” is only a mindset and when they want to figure out how to do something they just have to put the work in.


Hali Moro is the Owner of AMRAP Method/Crossfit in Grafton. Hali will be starting a new fitness classes for mothers starting on Monday, January 6th at 10am.

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