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Stay Warm This Winter!

Stay Warm This Winter!

One question that I receive often is how can I get outside this winter with my little one? Between tree lightings, holiday trains, luminary walks and more, it's a great season to be outside. So how can you and baby (even those big babies!) stay warm in winter? The three W's!

  • Wicking       The wicking layer is right next to the skin and should move moisture away from the skin. I suggest wool, bamboo or Cuddl Duds. Use these both on you and baby. I suggest not wearing cotton as it can get soggy and trap moisture. In the winter, wet = cold!
  • Warming     This layer may or may not be needed depending on temperature and if you are snuggling with the baby inside your coat. Fleece makes an excellent warming layer and is easy to find. Some people will also use thicker wool or down to be their warming layer. Depending on how chilly it is, you might be doubling up on this layer. So you can do a fleece jacket and a down vest to keep little kids extra warm during playtime outside.
  • Weather      This is the final weather and should be weatherproof. We don't want wetness reaching the skin, so making sure it's a waterproof layer is critical. 
How can we use these three layers? It depends on whether we are carrying our baby in a carrier up against our body or they are walking independently. 
For example, if it's 30° and you are carrying your child, you might feel comfortable in a bamboo top for you, bamboo sleeper for baby and the Wanderling Confluence Maternity and Babywearing Jacket as a weatherproof layer. Baby might be all you need to keep warm. If your toddler is walking or in the stroller, not sharing body heat, you will want to put them in everything like you and then add a warming layer (or two). The best thing you can do is experiment before heading out of the house to see how your layers work for you!
Have a great time this winter. You don't have to stay inside all winter, you just need to know how to layer!

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