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Summer Carriers

Summer Carriers

Summer Carriers

The heat and humidity have been ramping up here in Thiensville, Wisconsin making it difficult to enjoy my morning walks. Five years ago, I had to enjoy this type of heat with a small child attached to me so I'm thankful that she enjoys scootering everywhere this year. But Mommas, I see you. I see you sweating and wondering if there is a better option for summer. I see you gritting your teeth when someone says to put that baby in stroller. Cause I know you tried and your baby scream cried at you for half a block before you gave up that idea. I've been there. Which means I needed baby carrier options that were going to be more heat friendly.
Woven Wraps
The key here is one pass carries and linen or linen blends. I loved doing kangaroo carry for the front or a ruck back carry for summer. These carries are one pass so you won't have a ton of fabric over you and the baby. If you have an especially wiggly baby or an escape artist, you may not enjoy these carries since they have a minimal number of passes. As for fabric, linen is my go to for summer. It's a light, breathable fabric that allows more airflow. I love linen when it's in a blend as linen by itself can be tough to break in and get soft.
Ring Slings
I love ring slings all the time, every season. They shine in the summer because they are a one-layer carry. If you have them in a linen blend like the Studio Tekhni ring sling they are wonderful for summer. 
Meh Dai
Meh Dai's are an excellent, easy-going carrier for all seasons. Since these carriers are usually one or two layers of fabric, they can be great for summer. I also find they are pretty breezy as you don't have a lot of padding or bulk for the waist and shoulder straps. 
Buckle Carriers
Buckle carriers are probably the most popular carriers and for good reason. They are usually easy to find, easy to put on, and can do a variety of carrying options. The most important thing you can do when buying your buckle is to make sure it has mesh on it. There are quite a few options like the Tula Explore in Coast options, Beco 8 Baby Carrier, Moby Move, Lenny Upgrade, and so many more. Mesh is going to provide you the opportunity to allow just a bit more airflow in the carrier. This is especially important as many carriers are made of a canvas style material that is a tighter, thicker material. 
When looking to buy a carrier, it's important to consider what weather you will be wearing in. If you expect to wear in a hot or humid summer, that's the best option to buy for. You can always add a layer! Have questions on carriers? Add them in the comments below.

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