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A baby sitting on a blanket, wearing a blue hat next to the text "Summertime Baby Tips"

Summer with a Newborn

Previously, I wrote about how much fun it is to have spring babies. Well, spring babies are pretty likely to be summer newborns (along with those babies actually born in the summer).

Summer brings with it certain challenges. While you are out enjoying summer activities, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your baby stays safe.

1. Be Aware of the Heat Index

The heat index is the combination of actual temperature and humidity to describe what temperature the body feels. Add another 15 degrees if you're in direct sun.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the baby out of heat over 80 degrees. Newborns can't sweat, so they're more likely to suffer heat stroke if exposed to hot temperatures.

2. Keep Baby in the Shade

In addition to being more susceptible to heat stroke, babies are more likely to get burned by the sun. A sun hat can help shade baby when being in covered shade isn't an option.

3. Enjoy Tepid Baths Liberally

Especially if you don't have air conditioning, giving baby a tepid bath can help keep body temperature regulated. Resting near a slow fan can then help calm the nervous system and keep them feeling cooler.

4. Dress Baby in Lightweight Clothes

We love bamboo for regulating body temperature. It wicks away moisture and is breathable, helping keep you cool in hot conditions. We have several bamboo options for babies and kids here at Close to the Heart.

5. Take Precautions to Prevent Leaving Baby in the Car

The newborn stage can be a sleepy one, for caregivers and baby. With the newness of having a little one in the back seat, there comes increased risk of forgetting your child in the car.

None of us want to think this will happen to us, but every year almost 40 children die from being left in a vehicle. A way to help you remember is to leave your phone or purse, something you're used to always taking out of the car with you, in the back with your baby.

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