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The Beginning

The Beginning

One question I receive a lot is "Why did you open your store?" Especially this year when the focus has been on small businesses and their owners. What I normally say is that I want to help women. But honestly, it's so much deeper than that. 

In early 2013, my husband received two job offers: one here in Milwaukee and one in Australia. After much debate (and research about the number of animals that can and will kill you in Australia), we decided to move to Milwaukee. By this time my husband and I had been married 7 years so it was probably time to have a kid. So Milwaukee made more sense to me than Australia. So we moved from near Cincinnati, Ohio to Cedarburg. 

Then in November of that year, I discovered I would no longer be enjoying holiday cocktails as I was pregnant. It was in fact after I had a few holiday cocktails. Which probably happens to quite a few of us.. So here I was, 8 hours from family and expecting. And honestly, not sure what that meant. What did I need to do? Who did I need to chat with? SO many questions. I then lost my job in February and was so lost. Daniel told me to just stay home for a bit and not stress. So I spent quite a few blissful pregnant non-stressed months. Luckily for me, I had met a new friend who had three kids. She steered me through maternity clothes shopping, baby shower registries, and so much more about pregnancy. Everyone needs a Rachel in their life. 

Then came the big day and to be honest, it was a relatively easy delivery. Nothing crazy happened and Sky was born less than 12 hours after I was induced. This is where I started to go a bit downhill. I was not prepared for the emotions, the hormones, the anxiety, the depression, the loneliness. My mother in law was up to help for a bit but I was so hormonal I chased her away. (Y'all that women is a saint and I basically chased her out of the house with a laundry basket full of crazy)

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Sky was (and still is) a high needs child. Constantly wanting to be carried, crying if she wasn't held,  wanted to be held by me only, hated the fancy swing I bought, and breastfed/napped for about 3 hours every afternoon. Y'all it was exhausting, overwhelming and my anxiety peaked. I tracked how long she fed, how many diapers, when did she nap. I thought my milk wasn't enough and bought all kinds of ingredients to make cookies. I normally did this at 2:30 am while breastfeeding a baby. Turns out all of this was normal. Even my postpartum anxiety. (Turns out it wasn't just postpartum.. I've had it my whole life and finally figured it out after having a kid that not everyone feels like that.) 

So why did I start a store that focuses on Mothers? Because I want new mothers to feel supported and confident in their new role and title. I was a postpartum doula for some time and it was so satisfying to help women. Originally I had no plans to open a retail store and was going to continue to be a doula. Then I passed an open storefront in Cedarburg. It hit me that maybe what women need are more connections and more support. I could do that while selling products that new mothers needed like bras and baby carriers. So I did what all normal people do... I went to the bank, pulled my 401K, and opened a retail store. 

Since starting in 2018 in Cedarburg, we've moved to Thiensville and started offering a lot of maternity and nursing clothing. It's been such a pleasure to meet you all and get to know you. So if you are in town, stop by to say hi. Join our group and hang with us. Or just follow us on social media. 

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