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The Thing About Spring Babies

The Thing About Spring Babies

The thing about spring babies is...

So I tried for all my kids so they'd be born in spring. I figured if most mammals do it, there's gotta be something to it, right? Well, there's good and bad. Of course, since I did it three times on purpose, I think the good definitely outweighs the bad.

Let's start with the good:

You're not in your third trimester in summer.

I'm in Wisconsin. We've got some hot, sticky July and Augusts. Which I completely avoided being pregnant during. Woohoo!

Winter holiday weight gain is NBD.

You're expected to gain weight when you're pregnant. What better end to the first trimester than the winter holidays, full of yummy food?! Nothing. It's divine. And since you're not full of baby quite yet, you have room in your actual stomach for lots of food.

You've got good weather for the newborn stage.

We all know the perfect date: April 25. Not to hot, not too cold. Having a baby around this date means layering will be easy.


And the bad, which really isn't all that bad.

You're not pregnant enough to show off your bump in your Halloween costume.

Freakin' bummer. This is probably the most disappointing part of being pregnant with a spring due date, in my opinion. Which isn't even that bad, right? There are just so many adorable Halloween costume ideas for dressing up a baby bump.

You're pregnant over the winter holidays, which means no alcohol in your eggnog.

But honestly, oh well. There are plenty of yummy mocktails, and, like I mentioned above, snacks! 

Spring weather is unpredictable.

My April 18th baby was born during a blizzard! We didn't have any visitors except my mom, who was watching our kids for us.

Your kids' birthdays may sometimes fall on Easter or Mother's Day.

Sharing a birthday with a holiday kind of blows. But at least the spring holidays aren't on the same day every year, so it'll only happen once in awhile. My 8-year-old has had a Mother's Day birthday only once so far.


Did I miss anything? Who else has Spring due dates? Comment below!

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