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Get Great Sleep while Pregnant

Get Great Sleep while Pregnant

Is it just me or is sleep sometimes amazing and sometimes completely elusive while pregnant?

I slept like a rock during all my first trimesters. In fact falling asleep at the dinner table was usually my first indication that I might be pregnant. However, once I was in the second half of pregnancy I had a much harder time staying asleep. Let's chat real quick about getting that vital rest you need in the second half of pregnancy.

Use a Sleep Pillow

We love sleep pillows here at CTTH. They are the ultimate support for your lower back, knees, hips and belly. As you get closer to delivery, the ligaments get really loose and having that extra support can mean the difference between pain and sweet relaxation. We carry the Minky Body pillow both online and in-store. 

Magnesium Soak Baths

These lovely ions are great for overall aches and pains and will help you relax. Epsom salt baths are also a great way to prep your body to rest. We carry Mother Mother Soak and highly recommend it.

Start a Sleep Routine

Have you been reading all those baby sleep recommendations? The most often mentioned one is building a sleep routine for your baby. Guess what? That same recommendation applies to you as well! Building a sleep routine helps your body get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. 20 minutes before lights out, turn down most of your lights, put on some calming music, light a nice candle and relax. Mindfulness practices during this time can build your body's readiness for sleep. 


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