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Travel Tips for Pregnancy

Travel Tips for Pregnancy

Raise your hand if you will be traveling to visit family this holiday season. I travel to Ohio from Wisconsin to visit our family every year so I've gotten so amazing at traveling while pregnant or with small kids. 

General Travel

  • Wear comfy clothing and shoes you can slip on and off. I love wearing my Everyday Lounge Joggers and a super comfy bra like the Original Nursing Bra or Original Full Coverage Nursing Bra.  I love shoes I can slip on and off so that I can move my legs around more. 
  • Pillows can really help with getting your body in the most comfortable position. Or help you take that well deserved car nap. 
  • Snacks and drinks. Nothing is worse than being hungry or thirsty while trapped in your car. 
  • Pack a first aid kit and some essentials like morning sickness sweets or tums. 
  • Bring your medical information in case you need to see a doctor while your are traveling. 

Airplane Travels

  • Get up about every thirty minutes if you can. I always suggest an aisle seat as you can easily get up and move as needed. 
  • Bring a water bottle so you can fill it up before you get on the plane. 
  • Depending on when you are traveling, it might be that one time I suggest buying travel insurance. 

Car Travels

  • Take lots of breaks. Get out of the car and walk a bit. Stretch your body. I always found it very lucky there are a ton of rest stops between Milwaukee and Columbus, Ohio. Things could have gotten real dicey while I pregnant as I have a very efficient bladder. Also, include multiple breaks in your travel plans and understand it may make you later than usual. 

I hope your holiday travels are quick and easy this year friends!

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