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Traveling with Small Children

Traveling with Small Children

Let's just say that I HATED traveling with Sky when she was a baby. Please see exhibit A below. 

Because of Sky's hatred of the car seat, I normally ended up traveling at night. I would head out about 8pm when Sky would be falling asleep. This way I could drive all through the night and not listen to Sky scream. This got a ton better when I moved Sky to a convertible car seat. Then she could be entertained much easier and the screaming stopped. (also no one judge me for the sherpa under the car seat. I didn't know and removed it when I found out)

Tips for Infants:

  • I loved traveling during nap times and sleep. I find that traveling during her down times made my drive so much easier.
  • Links for toys. Nothing is worse than your baby tossing their toys over the side of the car seat. At least this way, they can't throw them far.

This is the stage I feel that we have to grin and bear it. Some infants are easy going and don't mind traveling. Some infants are like Sky and hate the car seat with the fire of a thousand suns. This too shall pass. Eventually.. With any luck

Tips for Toddlers:

  • I broke out so many special car only toys. My absolute favorite was the Water WOW! from Melissa and Doug. While it does have water in the brush, it's not enough to make a huge mess. Plus they can do the pictures over and over. 
  • I packed special snacks. I hope you are seeing a theme here. We made car rides special so I would pack the fun snacks like cheesy chips. Y'all I made sure to have plenty of wipes on hand. No chocolate tho, I'm not that insane.
  • We listened to audio books. Sure I might have listened to the same 15 minute book for 3 hours straight. It was better than her yelling at me how she wants to get out. 

 There were so many good trips and just as many bad ones at this stage. They are toddlers so it's day by day. That being said, Sky is a great traveler now. She loves taking trips. We did so many car trips her and I that now she looks forward to it. She knows that we always go somewhere fun or see family. So take the trip Mommas, they will remember it!

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