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What Do I Really Need to Breastfeed?

What Do I Really Need to Breastfeed?

Honestly, not much. You need breasts and a baby to feed. When we get down to it, breastfeeding can be a very simple process between a Momma and her baby. Now life is rarely that perfect so you will probably want a few things to make your breastfeeding journey a bit easier.


  1. A support person. You need someone in your corner telling you that you can do this. This might be your partner, your family, or your best friend. Sometimes, it's tough and we need someone to pick us up.
  2. A lactation expert on speed dial. We have questions or issues or concerns. Talking to a professional will help you take the next step in your breastfeeding journey. 
  3. Nipple cream. Nipples can get sore. It's a fact of life so a good nipple cream will go a long way. We carry Mother Loving Potions Boobie Butter and Earth Mama Organics Nipple Butter here in the store. Also, if you tend to nurse in multiple spots, put a nipple cream at each one!
  4. A good bra. I had a Momma of 6 message me "why did I wait until baby no 6 to get fitted for quality??? These poor overworked tatas." Being fitted for a bra either in-store or virtually will help you! You will feel physically supported and comfortable.
  5. A comfy spot to nurse in. Make nursing comfortable for you so it's not a drudge to do. Love your couch? Nurse there! Have a super comfy rocker? Nurse there! I will suggest adding the Milk Boss Feeding Pillow to your spot so you can get comfy with your little one.
  6. A big bottle for water. Hydrate yourself Momma! You are hard at work making milk. Take this with you everywhere.


What was your must-have for nursing? Drop it in the comments.

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