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What's your jean style?

What's your jean style?

With the different styles and colors out there, finding the right pair of jeans can be a wee bit difficult. So let's chat about the different styles and what body type they are best for. Here is an overview of body types:

  • Apple (aka oval or round)
  • Pear (aka triangle)
  • Athletic (aka inverted triangle)
  • Rectangle (aka straight or banana)
  • Hourglass
Body shape types

So go back to your pre-pregnancy body and think about what your body type is. Just a quick reminder, that no one body type is best. They are all fabulous! 

Jean Styles:

Skinny Leg - This style is tight at the ankle with a slim leg. Stellar for all body types, so it's a been a staple in closets for years.  Some washes do look better on different body types. Pear and hourglass shapes look best in dark wash skinny jeans, while apple and athletic shapes can try lighter washes.

 1822 Denim Skinny Jeans

Straight Leg - Think of this style as the more laid back version of the skinny. These are a wee bit wider at the ankle and throughout the leg. If you are a hourglass, apple, or athletic shape, these will look fabulous. 

 Straight Leg Jeans

Loose Leg Jeans - These have a variety of widths. So for those who remember the 90s and the JNCO jean era, you will remember how wide these jeans can get. Here, we have a smaller style that's more like a boyfriend jean. 


Wide Leg Jeans from 1822 Denim
These are just guidelines so if you love wide leg jeans, then wear the wide leg jeans! You can shop our denim styles here and send us a message if you have any questions on sizing!

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