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When We're Done

When We're Done

My last baby is turned 4 this week. We stopped breastfeeding two months ago. This morning while snuggling he asked for "mama milk, please" and I had to say "No." There's nothing left and it feels weird. But I couldn't help but think that I could have had one more time, one more moment of that bond if I'd said "Ok. You can try."

But we're done. No more poopy diapers or sleepless nights with a colicky newborn. Some things I won't miss, of course, and there are lots of exciting new things to look forward to.

Like that first time they say "I love you, mama." When they figure out how to pump on the swing all by themselves. The first time they're actually helpful when "helping" in the kitchen. There's good stuff.

So many moments are bittersweet these days. Uppies in a baby carrier--could this be the last time? The night before his birthday, he gave me a stern talking-to on how it was mean that I wouldn't let him roast more marshmallows--my last lecture from a three-year-old.

Goodbye, baby stage.

Anyway, that's my big thought this week. What are you looking forward to as you move out of the baby stage?

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