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Who's on your Valentine's Day list?

Who's on your Valentine's Day list?

So I think we fall into categories around Valentine's Day: love it or hate it. For years, I hated Valentine's Day. It was stupid as aren't we supposed to love each other every day? Then Skylar was born and she loves Valentine's Day. So my attitude has changed. I've started to love Valentine's Day. A day to celebrate love. Girl child and I are in. This year, I've started to think who is on my list. And I noticed I left off one very important name: myself. 

Y'all. We have to remember ourselves. So this year, I encourage you to splurge on yourself a little. Maybe have a coffee date away from your kids for a few hours with a good book. Call a friend who you haven't spoken to in some time and just catch up. Buy yourself a new house plant or flowers to brighten up your house. Pick up your paint brush and create. Do something for you. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive or even leaving the house. Just take some time and do something for you and only for you.

As with all holidays (and days in general), we put ourselves last every time. We ensure our kids have Valentine's for everyone in the class, our partner has a card or something to brighten their day, we've called our own mothers, etc. We shower irregularly, we much on our child's leftover lunch, we ensure all our work is finished, and everyone is asleep (as much as we can actually manage that last one). We consistently put ourselves on the back burner. So this year, put yourself on your Valentine's list. You are amazing Momma.

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